Theo James – Hugo Boss Commercial – EXTENDED

Theo James has been in the tabloids EVERYWHERE. As the ambassador for Hugo Boss, Theo has definitely demonstrated that their new fragrance, The Scent has seductively captivated every single one of us who has had the pleasure of wearing it, tried it, or got a sample from it. Macys currently withholds the fragrance for $68 (click here to purchase). In this new EXTENDED video, we get an even MORE seductive view of Theo James in the Hugo Boss commercial, as he stars with super model Natasha Poly. Watch the video down below, but prepare  yourself to drool over the sexiness Theo brings out of him:

Don’t forget to watch the Behind the Scenes video of Theo during the Hugo Boss commercial filming. 

Down below, click on all the interviews Theo had with various journalism companies about his new fragrance The Scent for Hugo Boss:

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Theo James for ‘Vanity Fair’ & ‘YNET’ for Hugo Boss

Behind the scenes photos of Theo James, as the ambassador for Hugo Boss in their new fragrance The Scent have been releasing from left to right. Of course, we don’t mind it because.. Well… He is Theo James anyways!

Theo James first talks to an Isreal website, YNet and they released an exclusive new behing the scenes photo of him during the filming and photoshoot for the brand.

Vanity Fair also released some exclusive behind the scenes photos of Theo at the photoshoot for the brand:

Don’t forget to also watch the Behind the Scenes video of Theo James during the filming of the commercial for Hugo Boss by clicking in the blue linked words above. 

Theo James Talks to ‘Glamour Lipstick’ on His Hugo Boss Fragrance

The interviews of Theo James for his Hugo Boss campaign as the ambassador of the company for their new fragrance, The Scent are not over. From left to right, up and down the interviews are flowing. In this new interview with Glamour Lipstick Theo James talks about the topics that are more exposed to the adult era. His fragrane is not only seductive, but so is his mind. Read the article below and don’t forget to watch the Behind The Scenes video from the filming of the Hugo Boss campaign.


We’re just going to say it: Theo James is not hard to look at (those lips!), or listen to (that accent!), or watch on screen (those shirtless scenes in Insurgent!). Thank god the powers that be over at Hugo Boss recognized that, signing on the British actor to be the face of their new fragrance, Hugo Boss The Scent ($68, The campaign, shot by photographers Mert Alan and Marcus Piggott, and filmed by Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky, does not disappoint. And since the fragrance is centered around the “lost art of seduction” (the dating apocalypse is real, people), we called up James, 30, to find his thoughts on wearing fragrance to bed, what he thinks Four smells like and exactly he liked to be seduced.

Lipstick: We do Dos & Don’ts around here, so first things first: Is wearing fragrance to bed a Do or a Don’t?

Theo James: Depends what you’re doing in bed. Don’t, I’d say. If you’re with someone, and you’re getting up to stuff, then you don’t want to be distracted by cologne. You want to be distracted by the person.

Lipstick: The theme of The Scent is the lost art of seduction—can you talk a little bit about that? Where did the art of seduction actually go?

TJ: For better or worse we live in a very exposing [time] where, if you choose to, everyone can see everyone’s business. You see what they’re having for breakfast, where they are, what they’re doing. Whereas I think that classic idea of mystery is very seductive. Not knowing every single thing about a person, what they’re thinking, that’s very powerful. And it would be a shame if we lost that totally.

Lipstick: Aside from mystery, what do you think is the most seductive quality a person can have? 

TJ: I find confidence seductive. Confidence, to me, is being happy in your own identity and not being influenced by others. I find that quite seductive because I’m a 50-50 person: in some ways I’m confident, and in some ways I’m quiet, reclusive. [I] like someone who can shake me out of that and approach me.

Lipstick: What type of scent do you prefer on women? 

TJ: I’m not a huge floral or citrus guy. I like something a bit girlier, if that makes sense, a bit more mysterious, muskier, a little bit richer.

Lipstick: What originally drew you to the scent? Is it a fragrance that you yourself would wear? 
TJ: Yeah. I’ve grown up seeing kind of the Boss franchises—not franchises! Campaigns! [LAUGHS] And I liked them, that kind of old school sense of cool and sense of style. And then on top of that, this is a new fragrance and a little bit of a departure for them. They’re very good at style, very good at success, and ambition, but this one has this element of darkness, seduction, mystery. I kind of liked the idea of being the face of something new for them, new territory that they haven’t traveled before.


Lipstick: Where on your body do you normally wear scent? Are you somebody who does it on the neck?

TJ: On both my knees! [LAUGHS] I’m kidding. Where do I like to spray? I’m classic. A bit on the wrist, both sides of the neck, and the back of the neck as well, actually.

Lipstick: The spraying behind the knee thing is real! It makes your fragrance last longer. So you’re kind of on the nose.

TJ: Oh, really? Oh, that’s hilarious.

Lipstick: Our readers are big Divergent fans, so we have to ask—what do you think Four smells like?

TJ: Gunpowder and sweat. I don’t think he’s got loads of time to spray fragrance on himself.

Lipstick: Which of the characters that you’ve played would wear the Hugo Boss scent?

TJ: I played a very dapper, cool villain in a Martin McDonagh film [War on Everyone], and I think he would wear Hugo Boss, definitely.

Lipstick: What about when you did the campaign, did you treat that as a character? Or is that Theo James out there?

TJ: That’s an interesting question. I think it’s a bit of 50-50. It is me—that’s why I chose to collaborate with Hugo Boss. It’s classic, masculine, stylish, all those elements I like to think that I prescribe to. But at the same time, when you’re doing the campaign stuff, you do have to become a bit of a character. Because otherwise it’s very abstract and it’s just kind of wandering around in a suit.

Theo James Talks Hugo Boss with MAXIM

Just when the day is over, and a brand new one hits us in the face with a new interview, we obviously cannot regret it when it comes down to Theo James. The Hugo Boss ambassador for the now available fragrance, The Scent talked to MAXIM with an exclusive interview all about his new fragrance. James goes into details about what the whole brand of Hugo Boss has accomplished with this new fragrance and the evolvement of men in the past two generations. Read below, and don’t forget to check out the Behind The Scenes for the filming on the advertising video for The Scent:


After obtaining a degree in philosophy, Theo James found himself better suited to the entertainment industry than the classroom. Following enrollment at a theater university in England, the young actor landed a feature film role in Woody Allen’s You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger for his first big break, and the rest is history. Though fairly new to the game, Theo was learning, and learning quickly. “I think everyone in no matter what career you do should still be learning,” he told Maxim. “I started in 2010 and it just happened. You’re up for seeing what’s out there, and as you get a bit more experience, you’re able to shape your career and think carefully about your next steps.”

Clearly, the up-and-comer is taking those steps in the right direction. Following his appearance opposite Kate Beckinsale in 2012’s Underworld: Awakening, Theo stole the screen in the first installment of the extremely popular Divergent franchise. While his film roles usually place him in some twisted dystopian future, the handsome 30-year old Brit lives in the now, and is ready to tackle his next project: being brand ambassador for Hugo Boss. Representing “Boss the Scent,” Theo is the perfect choice to exemplify classic style and masculinity, giving his best “Blue Steel” in the new ad with Russian runway model, Natasha Poly. Combine that with direction from Darren Aronofsky and a sultry song from The Weeknd, and you’ve got yourself a cologne men want to buy. We sure do.

Theo talked to Maxim about doing what makes you feel comfortable, society’s influence on fashion, and his role in the new Hugo Boss campaign.

How does that style fit into your everyday life? Do you focus a lot on how you look?

Whether you are on a carpet or doing interviews, it is important to feel confident in what you are wearing such as a well-cut suit. I know that sounds kind of douchey in a way, but it is quite important because there is scrutiny. That’s the nature of the business, and as a result you have to feel good. You need to wear what makes you feel comfortable. I like it fairly classic and quite masculine. As for my particular style, I do not follow particular trends. I like wearing a good watch and a well-cut suit, that kind of thing.

Has a man’s role in society changed drastically from the past in terms of fashion?

Yeah, I think it is always evolving due to how media has changed. You are seeing people 24 hours a day, everything they accomplish, press tours, or whether they are taking pictures of themselves eating cereal. The role of man is changing hopefully in the sense of being better quality than two generations before. At the same time, I think trends seem to come around and come and go a lot. With your own personal sense of style, as long as you are comfortable in what you are doing, you don’t really need to pay attention to what other people are wearing or doing.

How would someone embrace their style sophistication to the fullest?

I think that is the idea behind the campaign is the idea of classic iconic sophistication with this element of masculine seductiveness. It’s using that to play into your own sense of style.  

How will Hugo Boss help people get more hands-on with style and out from behind their phones and computer screens?

I think there’s a mix of going back to the classic style of going back to male mystery and masculinity. Hugo Boss does that quite well, and with that said, I think that they are doing something a bit different to what Hugo Boss has done before. They are quite good at the smart and successful image; there’s a tone. There is this word that they use that makes sense in the terms of the campaign, and it has a more of seductive quality to it. It’s a mix of those colors with that classic male image.

Are there any style tips you make sure to abide by in everyday life?

Yeah, don’t care too much. Enjoy what makes you feel good, but don’t care too much. I think if you try too hard, you can see that.

Theo James Talks to Extra TV on His Hugo Boss Campaign + Interview with Details Magazine

Extra TV has just released a new interview of Theo James promoting his new, first fragrance The Scent for Hugo Boss as the ambassador for this campaign. In this interview, James talks about how working in Divergent has made his acting carrer “like any other actor” a start to a better and high in coming carrer. Watch the video below, and absorb the seduction of his new fragrance which is exclusively available in Macys:

Theo James also talks to Details Magazine down below: 

If you know Theo James, it’s from one of two places: his one-episode arc as a seductive houseguest on Downton Abbey, or his role as Tobias Eaton in the dystopic blockbuster franchise Divergent. That’s about to change: Today, James becomes the face of Boss: The Scent, a warm, slightly boozy cologne from Hugo Boss. You can expect to see him on billboards, in magazine ads, and in a Darren Aronofsky-directed film spot, all before he makes waves later this year with roles in London Fields (alongside Amber Heard and Johnny Depp) and The Secret Scripture (starring with Rooney Mara).

We caught up with James at the Greenwich Hotel earlier this summer to get his take on men’s cologne, his upcoming projects, and why Italian opera makes the perfect soundtrack for a plane flight.

DETAILS: What’s the first cologne you remember wearing?

Theo James: Hmmm, I don’t actually remember the first cologne I wore, but I remember there was a deodorant called, like, Red Rock or something like that when I was 16, and all the kids were wearing it, thinking it was very sexy and cool. In retrospect, it smelled awful. It was called Red Rock, and it was not good, but I remember thinking that it would entice the ladies. It was one of those kinds of scents that were surfing around; it seemed to be what young punks were supposed to be wearing to entice a certain type of girl.

DETAILS: Why did you decide to partner with Hugo Boss for its new scent?

Theo James: Hugo Boss is a huge international brand, but I remember growing up in England, and I was quite well versed in them. You see these very masculine, quite slick campaigns, the Hugo Boss guy, there was a certain kind of cool to it as a young person growing up, which I liked. Also, I like the classic masculinity: It’s quite firm, it’s quite iconic, it’s quite old-school in that way, which is a little bit like me. I’m more that kind of person.

I grew up with a very cool, masculine dad, and my grandfather was similar, he was very stylish, and that’s kind of what appealed to me. And now Boss is pushing the boundaries a little bit from what they’re used to doing, and they’re very good at doing stylish and sleek and successful, but with this there’s this kind of element of seduction, it’s one of the words they’re using and it’s true, there’s a kind of dark nature to the campaign, there’s mystery and the richness of what that kind of masculinity means.

DETAILS: How often do you wear it?

Theo James: I wear it sporadically. I don’t think you need to wear it every day. I think it should be reserved for events, when you’re going out, or you want to feel good and confident out. It’s also good to wear a single one consistently, because then that becomes part of your identity, your smell, and people kind of pair you with that.

DETAILS: How was it shooting the campaign?

Theo James: As an actor, it can be daunting in a way, because it’s very different than what you’d be doing normally. Usually you have a character and a script and you’re basing yourself on that. So I didn’t really know exactly what to expect, but in fact it was very easy and very fun. I think Darren Aronofsky being a film director really helped. The kind of shorthand was already there, and it kind of felt like it was a familiar set to be on—he made it very easy, so it was kind of fun. You have to play a part a little bit to ground it, otherwise you’re just wandering around. 

DETAILS: Tell us about the projects you’ve got coming up.

Theo James: London Fields was really interesting to do. It’s had a long gestation period—we filmed it in 2013, and it’s coming out this year. It’s quite conceptual, it’s a little bit of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, in terms of style and heightened realness. But it was good, you know, it’s a classic story of the beautiful femme fatale who basically manipulates these three very different men and kind of drives them in different ways to murder, which is very cool.

And then The Secret Scripture, which was based on a very lyrical book. It’s a very complex character study with some great actors, including Rooney Mara. That was fun as well because it’s playing a very different character, an Irish priest in the forties, couldn’t be further from who I play in Fields, but it’s kind of fun to play these polar opposites.

DETAILS: How do you even go about playing a priest?

Theo James: You’ve gotta go pretty deep, basically, you can’t half-ass it. I always start with reading the period stuff, and that seems to be history and novels, and then just visiting the places that the story took place and kind of connect that way. I was reading about Irish Catholic priests and talking to them about how they became priests and what are the problems they deal with, what they love about it.

DETAILS: And what about the big tentpole, Allegiant?

Theo James: We’re filming that now. That’s why I’m stopping off here in New York. We’re about four weeks into filming. It’s really a challenge, in a good way. On a physical level, I have to kind of get back into shape. I was working on a different movie where I was playing a drug addict, and you can’t be Mister Gym playing those kind of characters, the forties priest and the drug addict, and then when you come back to this franchise and you kind of have to put a bit of work in, should we say? But it’s fun. It’s familiar, and it’s fun. Atlanta is hot as fuck, though.

DETAILS: And grooming picks you’ve picked up in the makeup chair?

Theo James: Ah, yeah, I’d say one is, if you’re doing long hours and you’re beginning to look tired, drink water, because if you don’t hydrate yourself, it can make you look more like shit. I’ve been told that several times on movie sets.

And the other thing: Someone told me that too much salt as well is bad, because I don’t know, I guess your face swells up? I don’t actually cut back on salt, but I thought it was an interesting fact.

DETAILS: It sounds like you’re flying a lot between movies. What keeps you busy on long trips?

Theo James: I always take a few books and, of course, headphones for music. I read several books at a time, so it takes me longer to finish them. I was reading one on the plane called Savage Harvest by Carl Hoffman, about the son of a Rockefeller who went missing back in Papua New Guinea. He went missing because he was an explorer, and basically this book is piecing together how he went missing, because they think that he was eaten, he was kind of . . . cannibalized, I guess the word is? It’s not really that lighthearted. And the other book, well, it’s not that lighthearted either. It’s about corruption in Russian journalism.

DETAILS: And what are you listening to?

Theo James: I’ve always liked it, but I just got back into Coltrane again, A Love Supreme. On the plane, I like to go to with either jazz or classical music, because they have kind of an even keel, you know what I mean? I like a lot of classical stuff. On the plane over here, I was listening to some Puccini, Tosca specifically. Puccini is obviously one of the greats.