Jai Courtney on Jimmy Kimmel

Jai Courtney, the current star of this summer’s most talked about movie, The Terminator: Genisys was on last night’s late night show of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The star talked about his trip to New Orleans and his unexperienced moment during his 5 month stay for the filming of his movie.

Fun Fact: Jai filmed Insurgent  and The Terminator: Genysis all at the same time.

He also talked about how working with Arnold Schwarzenegger, his former co-star for The Terminator: Genisys was an iconic moment in his life. Watchc the interview down below in a two part video:

Zoe Kravitz & Maggie Q arriving at LAX Airport

Zoe Kravitz and Maggie Q have been spotted arriving at the LAX Airport earlier this morning. The co-stars look beautiful as always, Zoe styling the rock-chic star style she has while Maggie wears a beautiful neck piece that is to die for! Check out the photos down below thanks to the courtesy of The Daily Mail UK and to the information from Honestly Dauntless from Instagram.

Miles Teller on Drumming, The Music On His iPod & First Ever Musical Experience for Huffington Post UK

In this interview for Huffington Post UK, Miles Teller talks about his drumming on “Whiplash” and the music he has on his iPod. As a surprise to some of us, he also talks about his first musical experience he has had. Watch the new released interview down below:

Co-starring with Oscar-winning JK Simmons as his tyrannical teacher, Miles played drumming student Andrew Neiman, intent on impressing his increasingly hostile mentor Terence Fletcher. As Fletcher capriciously praises and then humiliates his student, Andrew goes to ever more destructive ends to earn his good favour.

Whiplash is released on Blu-ray and DVD on 1 June. Watch the trailer below:

NEW Franny Trailer for UK Edinburg Film Festival

As reported just recently by my favorite Theo James fansite, FYeahTheoJames, Franny the movie will make its way to the UK Premiere on June 21st at the Edinburgh Film Festival. With the alternative of the first Franny trailer that was released two months ago, EIFF has just released a new trailer for the UK Festival. Don’t forget to also read my review of the movie, in which I had the pleasure to watch at the Tribeca Film Festival back in April with director Andrew Renzi. Check Out the new trailer and my review below:

Franny Movie Review:

Franny, a beautifully directed and scripted and written film, that deserves indeed every TriBeCa Award this season. The performances by Richard Gere and Theo James where indeed outstanding. Both characters and actors as Andrew Renzi said, “they topped it up” at a private Q&A after the film was shown at the screening. Gere showed the most emotion and character attachment out of all the cast members. His portrayal of a drug addict demonstrated the attachment the audience captivated to his character, Franny. James demonstrated his uncertain side in the beginning of the film, and how his character, Luke, developed in a 93 minute film. Andrew also mentioned how casting Theo had a lot to do with the movie and its story plot, because they “needed someone who could kind of, go toe to toe with Richard.” The chemistry of Theo’s and Dakota’s characters was a unique one that made this film a special one as well. They both lacked communication, but because of that they enforced and conquered their problems with Franny. Both mentally and emotionally understood each other with no communication. What this film made me love was the “plot twist” added to it. To understand where the character Franny comes from, as Andrew said he “got inspired by the [true life] story of ‘Foxcatcher’ to make this film” is very comprehendible. As mentioned, the “plot twist” of this film is one that you can’t imagined happening (hence called “plot twist.”) Congratulations to Richard, Dakota, Theo, and specially to Andrew for the creation of this film (being his first film) because it was a film that definitely out-reached my expectations.

Miles Teller & Shailene Woodley as A-Listers by ET Canada

Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley are considered as A- Listers by Entertainment Tonight Canada in a new interview focusing on Woodley’s performances from “The Fault In Our Stars” co-starting with Ansel Elgort and “The Descendants” co-starring with George Clooney. These performances have gained the respect and part Shailene deserves, as now she will star in the talked about Oliver Stone adaptation of Edward Snowden’s life, “Snowden” co- starting with Joseph Levitt-Gordon. This interview also focuses on Miles Teller as an A-lister due to his performance from the Academy Award nominated film, “Whiplash” co-starring with J.K. Simmons. His role in this movie has gained him the advantage of become one of Hollywood’s most talked about actor to be “appreciated with an Oscar.” His role as Mr. Fantastic in the summer blockbuster movie “Fantastic Four” will obviously raise him more of the fandom he already has today, as he will also be entering the sequel to “Fantasyic Four” in 2017. Watch the review session by “ET Canada” down below: