“The Benefactor”- Franny Film Scenes

Hello there Initiates! It’s been quiet a couple of days since I last posted… I’m currently on Christmas Break with a fever (perfect timing), but this doesn’t mean I shall not update. To bring you up to news, new scenes from Theo James’ film “The Benefactor” also known as Franny back a couple of months ago before it was changed, have been released thanks to the trail of Lucky Red, a movie production company located in Italy. Since I could not find the translate scenes for everyone, you can read the caption below each video telling you what the scene is saying since one) I have seen the full movie already during its premiere at the Tribecca Film Festival back in April and two) I know Italian so the translation is easy. Enjoy the scenes below, and don’t forget to download The Benefactor on iTunes now by clicking here.

In this first scene, we have Theo’s character- Luke having a conversation with his wife and soon to be mother of his child Olivia, played by Dakota Fanning, talking to her uncle Franny, played by Richard Gere. Olivia tells Luke that her uncle Franny can give him a job nearby their new home they will be living. Luke is astonished to find out that Franny was able to find him a job. Olivia tells Luke at the end of the video that there are things that Franny isn’t possible of doing.

In the following scene, Luke and Olivia talk a little about their move to Philadelphia. The scene is cut to a scene with Franny and him getting ready for Olivia’s visit, as Franny has had years of not seeing her niece making him exceptionally excited about the visit.

In this scene, Luke and Olivia have arrived to their destination and have already met up with Franny. Franny has made an exceptional welcome to his favorite and only niece and her husband, and he entitles a special song to the newly wed couple. Franny states that when Olivia’s parents got married, he sang a song for them at their wedding ceremony. Franny states that he will continue the tradition and sing it to them. The scene is continued but later cut to a snippet of the life that Franny has every time he goes home. It shows the loneliness he has with his arms opened, and all the money in the world as well.

In this final scene, Luke has a curiosity as to why and how Fanny is so wealthy. Luke asks his wife, Olivia as to why he is wealthy, how, and what he does for a living now. Olivia simply responds back by saying that she doesn’t know. He has always been wealthy and that as a little girl, the wealth of a person didnt matter in her life. Luke asks her what he does for  living. Making a focus of how he is lonely. He has no wife, no family, no kids, and no job. The question in hand appears once again, why and how he is so wealthy. We also see that Franny is highly addicted to a special liquid drug in which he takes reguarly. This is the main message of the movie.

GALLERY: Theo James at the Nantucket Film Festival 2015

The Franny star, Theo James has finally made an apperance that the fans have been waiting for! James, made a lovely entrance to the screening of Franny at the Nantucket Film Festival, taking place outside an island of Massachusetts. With a Q&A happening after, Theo and the Franny Director, Andrew Renzi whom I had the lovely chance to meet and talk to in person about Theo. Down below are more photos of Theo James at the Nantucket Film Festival Red carpet, and also some fan photos taken of him during the Q&A:

Source: Getty Images