GALLERY: ‘Fantastic Four’ Cast, Walking Hand to Hand in NYC

The Fantastic Four cast, has officialy started promotion in NYC yesterday morning when their live Twitter chat began. Just because they are promoting, it does not mean they cannot have some fun. JustJared has some exclusive photos of the cast, including Miles Teller, Micheal B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Kate Mara. Miles Teller was also being held in companion eith his wonderful girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry.

60 Seconds with Miles Teller on CineMax

In a new interview of Miles Teller, we get to see the playful side of him rise up once again. He is interviewed by his co-star Jamie Bell who plays “the thing” on their upcoming film Fantastic Four this August 7th.

Watch the interview with sponsored by CineMax down below:

In the following interview, Miles Teller interviews his co-star Jamie Bell also known as “the thing” in Fantastic Four:

First OFFICIAL Clips of Miles Teller as Reed Richards in Fantastic Four

20th Century FOX has released two full clips of the upcoming film Fantastic Four. In these new clips, we get a better insight of Miles Teller’s character, Reed Richards and the story behind the Fantastic Four gang. In the first video, Miles Teller discussess the intelligent powers Reed Richards portrays. Young Reeds demonstrates that his knowledge will not back him out from everyone else. The quote that remediates Reed Richards, and highly fits Miles Teller is:

Don’t blow up. Don’t blow up

The second clip, mostly shows the preperation of the gang before they enter the other dimension.

VIDEO: 2nd “Fantastic Four” Trailer Featuring Miles Teller

This year, the Fantastic Four cast made an appearance at the 2015 Comic Con in San Diego, California. In this apperance, the director and cast members released an exclusive official trailer for the movie franchise. In this trailer, we see a little more in depth the story behind Reed Richards (played by Miles Teller) and his best friend Ben (played by Jamie Bell) and how the creation of his imagination to time travel began.

Watch the trailer down below, with screencaps of Miles Teller from the clip:

An international trailer has also been released by 20th Century FOX UK. Watch it here:

Comic Con 2015: Fantastic Four Featuring Miles Teller (MASTERPOST) + Panel

Comic Con 2015 in San Diego, California has made its start on Thursday July 9th! This year, one of the cast members from The Divergent Series attended, but not to promote Allegiant Part 1. Miles Teller is making his way up the hollywood charts with this summer’s block-buster movie franchise, Fantastic Four which hits the big screen this August 7th.

PHOTOSHOOT: Actors Micheal B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell pose for a portrait at the Getty Images Portrait Studio Powered by Samsung Galaxy at Comic-Con International 2015 at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, California.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY LOUNGE: The cast talked about the movie’s darkest and intense emotional drama that will be brought to the fans for the Entertainment Weekly Lounge. With comedian tones and laughable attitudes, in which we knew that Miles Teller always has. Watch the video here.

EW LIVE RADIO: The Fantastic Four cast talks to Entertainment Weekly Live radio with SiriusXM at Comic-Con San Diego, California. Listen to some of the audio of their interview here.


FANTASTIC FOUR PANEL: The cast of Fantastic Four presented their 20th Century FOX panel at the H-Hall.