‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ began its journey at a wonderful and beginning out take. The movie as a whole was not a hype that I had originally intended to see. It had no life, no creativity, and it was emerged into a fast pace. Like I had mentioned, the beginning was interesting to watch and see how the origin of Reed Richards and his best friend Ben started off, but everything else was clearly boring, which makes absolutely no sense why FOX would release a movie for fans to pay and go watch and “enjoy?” This film did not do justice to the movie, the fans, but most of all the comic books from the original movies that actually DID do justice to the comic books. As a true comic book fan, coming from high leveled companies such as MARVEL and DC Comics and Films, I speak from the very bottom of my heart in this review and I mean every word I state. The director Josh Trank should NOT be generally accusing FOX for the terrible mistakes this film brought. He needs to step up and acknowledge his mistakes and failures through this film. He captivated audiences in his before movie, “Chronicle” but ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ has to be his worst mistake. Instead of focusing on his mistakes, he should take this as a learning method to acknowledge future films of his. Every movie company should learn from this experience, should learn that fans who have been dedicated fans from the starter of this franchise, to fans who have just evolved in this generation WILL NOT accept something just because of the amount of hype a movie gets, or the popularity it has from its past origins or more of less, the actors. To talk about a sequel to this film? I really do doubt it, not even a cross over with X-Men sees that will bring this franchise to its spot. If this movie succeeds, it tells the fans that we don’t give a shit about what they put out there for us to see and that anything that is based on comic books will be okay for us to watch and pay for. After all the promotion and hype I personally gave towards this film, I really would have appreciated that future me would have told me to stop.

As for the actors, our very own Reed Richards played by Miles Teller, Sue Storm played by Kate Mara, Johny Storm played by Micheal B. Jordan, and ‘The Thing’ played by Jamie Bell, did a marvelous job to stick to their characters, but I truly am sorry they trusted this project to do justice to the fans and comic books. The only part I did in FACT enjoyed about going to see ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ was that they played the trailer for ‘DEADPOOL’ before it even started.

So if you ask me “should I go see ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ today?” I will respectfully state “no.” At the end of the day, all I want to do is bindge watch again the original ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ films from 2005.

Fantastic Four Cast for ‘Shorlist’ Magazine 2015 Featuring Miles Teller


Photograpped by John Russo

 In a new interview for Shortlist Magazine, the Fantastic Four cast demonstrate their super powers with the magazine photoshots. Miles Teller is the number one to talk about, of course. Thank you to Miles Teller News for the cover photo!

Read Miles’ interview down below, and don’t forget to catch Fantastic Four tomorrow night at you local theater: 

Photograpped by John Russo


There are five decades of Fantastic Four comics – did you work your way through them?

To a point. Obviously there are elements of them in the film, because we’re not in denial about the source material. It was cool to read what happens to Mr Fantastic down the line, but you have to do your film. 

Your superpower is the ability to stretch – not something you’ll have a lot of experience of…

You know, my arm can’t stretch that long, believe it or not. But I have to be emitting some emotion – you can’t do it with a blank face. It’s an absurd thing to have happen to you, but you want to play it as real as you can.

Director Josh Trank has talked about the influence of body-horror maestro David Cronenberg – so this isn’t going to be a light-hearted comic-book world…

There’s definitely some of the body-horror stuff. If you’re a young guy and all of a sudden you’re covered in rocks or you’re in this elastic form and you can’t control it, that would be kind of traumatising. What we’re doing with this movie, it’s more gritty and real – it’s not just super-fun and flying around blowing stuff up. Although there’s plenty of that, too.

Reed is a science prodigy – were you into science growing up?

I wasn’t overly into science, but I was an academic kid. I was in all the honours classes, so academics was something pretty important to me and something I had a good hold on.

And you grew up in the manatee capital of the world?

Sure. I moved there when I was 12. It was one of these small towns, in a place called Citrus County, Florida, on the Gulf Of Mexico. There was a lot of nature and wildlife and yes, it was the manatee capital of the world. They’re the big local celebrities, not me – people go there to see them, not where I grew up. It’s a reminder of my station in life.

You got a huge amount of attention from Whiplash – did you feel a shift?

I guess I can judge how much people are interested in me by how many paparazzi are following me around. There’s been more and more recently. But the important thing to me was, when Whiplash came out, I had a lot of actors who I really respect and admire come up to me at film festivals and say how much they enjoyed it. That was pretty amazing.

Do you get bothered by the paparazzi hassle?

It’s a pretty gross profession – they’re really trying to get photos of you in compromising positions. They’re rarely there when you’re doing something good or heroic, they want a picture of you wasted, or if I’m with my girlfriend they want a picture of her. It’s a weird thing – do I cover my face, or let them get their picture and leave? The problem is when they get their picture and just hang around.

Read the other cast’s member’s interview by going to Shortlist Magazine.

SCANS: ‘Fantastic Four’ on SFX & OnScreen Magazine August 2015 Issue

Scans from the August 2015 Issues of SFX Magazine and OnScreen Magazine have featured exclusive issues for the upcoming summer block-buster movie Fantastic Four, featuring Miles Teller. Making their on screen hit this August 7th.

Don’t forget to stay tuned on the Q&A + Panel coverage I’ll be able to attend this Tuesday, August 4th at the Wall Street Journal Cafè in NYC.