New Foreign Allegiant Posters

New Allegiant posters have been revealed, and one of them is the magnificent foreign poster for the French Initiates! 

**side note: Cristina (the current owner of this account) will be taking a break because of some personal issues. My name is Melissa, Cristina’s best friend and I will be taking over until she feels comfortable to come back**

We definitely get a lot of French Initiates here on AllegiantNY, and we are so happy to share these posters, check them out below.


photo shared by kido. dk

New Allegiant Stills, Including New Cast Stills


We got a nee trailer yesterday, and now we have new stills!

The following stills give us all a better look at the world behind the wall. We get a look at Evelyn, Peter, Matthew, Caleb, Jack Kang, members from behind the wall whom work with Nita, and of course FourTris.

Check them out down below from the release of the foreign promotion company for The Divergent Series: 










FINAL Allegiant Trailer #3 -Different


After a dramatic night from two nights ago, from the leakedge of the trailer that somebody somehow leaked to YouTube, HERE IS THE FINAL ALLEGIANT TRAILER!

We see a lot of everything in this trailer, from the mention of “genetically pure” to “genetically damaged” (TOBIAS!!) 

We also get a dialogue from Octovias Spencer who plays Johana in which she redirects towards Tris. 

And who can forget FOURTRIS! OF COURSE NO ONE! 

What did you Initiates think of the new trailer? 

Shailene Woodley & Theo James for InStyle Magazine, March 2016 + Zoe Kravitz

Allegiant promo has official started. Shailene Woodley and out hunky man, Theo James have officially reached the stands in the new cover issue for InStyle Magazine, as Shailene takes the cover star. Shailene for InStyle

Shailene Woodley talks to InStyle (issue now available in stands and for digital download) about her three week journey to India and her social life in which she does not pay so much attention to.

Her interview is moving and and so real. We, who know Shailene, are aware that Shai carries an attitude without s filter, which is something that we should all get inspired by. Read the interview scans down below in which I got so please **GIVE CREDIT IF YOU PLAN ON SHARING THEM**


Theo James for InStyle


Zoe Kravitz for InStyle


What do you Initiates think about that?! Three of our most popular cast members in one issue. SO ADORABLE!