MASTERPOST: The Divergent Series: Allegiant First Clip, Movie Tickets + More

I KNOW I’M LATE! All the news was revealed yesterday afternoon but I was way too busy to update, I’m sorry!!!!! And we are getting news from left and right Initiates! The first official The Divergent Series: Allegiant clip has finally been dropped, and it is HOT HOT HOOOOT! Our favorite OTP FourTris, have acknowledge us with an official clip of them kissing… Oooooo! Tris, played by Shailene Woodley establishes the points of what she sometimes thinks of what is behind the wall. While Four, played by Theo James just acknowledges her and smooches her 😉

Watch the clip down below, EXCLUSIVELY shared by Entertainment Weekly:

Entertainment One UK also shared a brand new TV Spot, entitled “War.” Check it out down below:

Another TV Spot called “Go Beyond”:

In other news, according to the British Board of Film and Fandango, The Divergent Series: Allegiant will be 121 minutes long (2 hours and 1 minute).

 Another announcement for the sale of tickets to go see the film was also released. You can now purchase tickets for you and your squad on March 1st! How exciting is all this news Initiates?!

 New Stills of Jack Kang and Max have also been released, with a new still of Tris and Christina:   

Plus the drop of a new IMAX poster was also released today:


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