GALLERY: Ansel Elgort on the Set of “Baby Driver”


I’m back Initiates! Thank you to my dear Melissa for taking care of my account yesterday, she did a marvelous job! I had to deal with some issues yesterday that needed to be taken care of ASAP!

And I’m back with some great news on Ansel’s next project, Baby Driver. Mr. Elgort was spotted on the set of the film yesterday, February 18th and again today, the 19th. Ansel styles a new hair cut, making him look even more adorable than what he already is. Why did The Divergent Series casting directors cast someone so adorable (and if I may say, smoking H-O-T) to play such a hateful character as Caleb?

Anyways, check out the full gallery down below, thanks to the notice of my best friend Elgort_News for notifying me of the set photos taken by Atlanta Filming:

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