“Get A Job” Trailer, Starring Miles Teller


It’s about time!!!!

I have been waiting for over three years for this movie to come out! 

Get A Job starring Miles Teller will finally be hitting theaters this March! 

When I say that I have been waiting over three years for this film, I speak FACTS! This movie was shot back in 2012 and ever since I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting…


and more waiting…


BUT NOW! ( I still have to wait a month to see it) I just have to wait a month to see it! 

What is Get A Job about you may ask?

Well… Get a Job is a 2016 upcoming comedy film directed by Dylan Kidd and written by Kyle Pennekamp and Scott Turpel about a group of friends recently graduated and their efforts to secure employment. The film stars Miles Teller, Anna Kendrick, Brandon T. Jackson, Nicholas Braun, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Marcia Gay Harden, Alison Brie, and Bryan Cranston. The film is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2016, in a limited release and on video on demand by Lionsgate Premiere, and CBS Films.
So it’s basically a comedy centered on a recent college graduate, his friends, and their attempts to secure employment.

In September 2014, Anna Kendrick said the film may never see the light of day. However, in Feburary 2016, a release date of March 25, 2016 was announced. It will have a limited release and through video on demand.

We also finally have the official poster, giving our first look at FETUS Miles in Get A Job:


Watch the first full trailer down below. Remember, this movie is rated R:

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