The Divergent Series Fandom App

Well look at this… THE DIVERGENT FANDOM HAS GOTTEN ITS OWN APP! How exciting is this new?! Thanks to the wonderful find of Allegiant.OH on Instagram for finding this information.

So basically what the new application consists of is the following features by always staying in touch with the Allegiant Fandom:

  • Post comments and connect with your fellow fans in this custom platform dedicated to The Divergent Series Fandom.
  • Be the first to see exclusive content about the upcoming film: Allegiant
  • Constantly updated feed of content includes the latest trailers, videos, photos, contests, and news, all tailored to your preferences.
  • Gamify your fandom! Earn credits to spend on rewards. The more you use the app, the more you’ll earn!

The new application if available for download on Google Play for Androids, and on the iTunes Store.

Once you make your own account, don’t forget to follow me by searching for “Allegiant New York” or “AllegiantNY” as I will be making some of my posts as well!

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