VIDEO: Miles Teller With HOP Interview

MILES TELLER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Wow! It sure has been a while since we last heard some big news from him. Arms and the Dudes is coming out this summer, and then he has his big wrestling film Bleed for This coming out this year as well. A great year for my number one babe. But lets not get too ahead of ourseleves right now, yes we can anticipate and excite ourseleves, but lets focus on the present. 

HOP Media had an interview with our one and only Mr. Handsome Teller, in which they discussed very important and deep conversations about himself. The interview focused mostly on the apperances on the Oscars, playing future roles (Miles wanting to play Elvis Presly) and on relationships- how his future will be in fifteen years from now when he is forty-three. Miles also mentions how he and Shailene want to be a part of a musical someday. Can you imagine? Both of them singing side by side?!
Watch the interview down below, and don’t forget to stay tuned for more news on his up coming films this year of 2016:

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