GALLERY: Naomi Watts Attends the SAG Awards 2016

Hello there Initiates! It’s been a while since we last got cast news. This time around, we have some celebrity spot light on Naomi Watts’ husband! As his companion, she was honored to attend the SAG Awards tonight and support her husband as he got nominated for various awards for a TV role.

As always, Naomi styles beyong beautiful. Tonight she wore a blue emrboided dress, that lengthens down to the bottom and is cut short in the sleevs area, attached with a belt that tops off the perfect accessory  to the attire.

Naomi was also seen with Kate Winslet at the carpet, as Kate was nominated for various awards for her 2015 movie Steve Jobs. It’s refreshing seeing our Jeanine Matthews head to head with her ex-best friend, Evelyn Eaton.

“The Divergent Series: Allegiant” Trailer #2 + Video Q&A’s + HQ Screencaps

AHHHHHH! New Trailer! A new Allegiant trailer is finally out! It has been exactly two months since we last got our last trailer, and it was definitely about time that we revived the fandom once again from its hibernation state. After the trailer release happened, Divergent on Twitter made a live Q&A when the fandom asked questions with the hashtag #AskAllegiant. Read the questions and watch their answers down below as well. Watch the new trailer down below and don’t forget to read my reaction towards the trailer after. The HQ Screencaps are also down below for download.

Okay soooo… The trailer… I personally thought there was a lot going on in a two minute trailer. They showed to much of the same thing, and they keep adding these weird unknown areas and stuff that was one-hundred percent NOT in the book. The weird bubbles… what in the world are those? **cough cough** condoms? It’s like the last trailer, when we saw the scene with flying donuts. Yes, there are parts like when Tobias said “Tris, this is not the place that we thought it was” speaking about what they have discovered beyond the wall.

Obviously there were some parts that were not in the book but we can accept, like the showers scenes with nude Tobias… 😉

image image

oh and Tris of course…

image image

The whole aspect of separating the film with two perspectives, from Tobias and Tris, is definitely a must! I’m beyond happy that this was included, but at the same time I’m kind of afraid  of how Robert will proceed with the film in these two perspectives. I hope they don’t mess it up…

Another positive comment is the background song used during the trailer. The song is called “Grow Till Tall” by Jonsi.

At the end of the day, I guess I’m happy that something new was released. It wasn’t bad, but there was more I was hoping to see. What did you Initiates think of it?
HQ Screencaps

Twitter Q&A


















The Divergent Series Fandom App

Well look at this… THE DIVERGENT FANDOM HAS GOTTEN ITS OWN APP! How exciting is this new?! Thanks to the wonderful find of Allegiant.OH on Instagram for finding this information.

So basically what the new application consists of is the following features by always staying in touch with the Allegiant Fandom:

  • Post comments and connect with your fellow fans in this custom platform dedicated to The Divergent Series Fandom.
  • Be the first to see exclusive content about the upcoming film: Allegiant
  • Constantly updated feed of content includes the latest trailers, videos, photos, contests, and news, all tailored to your preferences.
  • Gamify your fandom! Earn credits to spend on rewards. The more you use the app, the more you’ll earn!

The new application if available for download on Google Play for Androids, and on the iTunes Store.

Once you make your own account, don’t forget to follow me by searching for “Allegiant New York” or “AllegiantNY” as I will be making some of my posts as well!

GALLERY: Zoe Kravitz at the Critics Choice Awards 2016

Zoe Kravitz has hit the news once again, but this time around she hits it hard! She was scene at the Critics Choice Awards 2016 red carpet with her boyfriend. This year she has been spotted at the award season’s red carpets because of her apperance in the 2015 summer movie Mad Max:Furry Road. As always, Zoe rocks it in the attire department. Wearing a two piece outfit, she styles it with a red thin strap pink top, matched with red-orangy pants, with silver stilettos.

VIDEO: Miles Teller With HOP Interview

MILES TELLER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Wow! It sure has been a while since we last heard some big news from him. Arms and the Dudes is coming out this summer, and then he has his big wrestling film Bleed for This coming out this year as well. A great year for my number one babe. But lets not get too ahead of ourseleves right now, yes we can anticipate and excite ourseleves, but lets focus on the present. 

HOP Media had an interview with our one and only Mr. Handsome Teller, in which they discussed very important and deep conversations about himself. The interview focused mostly on the apperances on the Oscars, playing future roles (Miles wanting to play Elvis Presly) and on relationships- how his future will be in fifteen years from now when he is forty-three. Miles also mentions how he and Shailene want to be a part of a musical someday. Can you imagine? Both of them singing side by side?!
Watch the interview down below, and don’t forget to stay tuned for more news on his up coming films this year of 2016: