Theo James; The Art of Seduction with Philosophy for Magazine Digital

Theo James is once again starting our week with an amazing interview for Magazine Digital, in which this time around he talks to the magazine about the art behind his fragrance for Hugo Boss as their new ambassador for the new fragrance, The Scent. Read the translated interview down below, translated from Spanish to English:

It is an intense man in his eyes and gestures. About to turn 31 years, the first surprise of Theo James is his voice, modulated and very deep. The British sense of ironic and sarcastic humor, reveals once, like his study of the land before the world premiere of the new male fragrance from Hugo Boss in Barcelona: Tickets will dine and is very knowledgeable of the best restaurants area.

He studied philosophy and perhaps why, if the journalist is neglected, it may end up answering more questions than him. Always think before speaking and casts doubt on the air.

Pending Brand Allegiant , the next installment of the series that has given him fame, James has worked with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne in London Fields and will face Richard Gere in Franny . Between shooting and shooting enjoying the music with his band, Shere Khan (yes, like the tiger of The Jungle Book ), friends, diving and boxing.

“I’m not too fieston and I have a large presence in the media,” says Theo James, and says his concern is to find time for family and friends.

What is the success from his point of view?
Be satisfied with what I do, myself and my career, but the problem in this modern world is that you just never be satisfied entirely is not it? I am constantly challenging me, even in my personal life. In the end, success is being able to enjoy the moment, and that, beyond the theories, there are not many people who get the truth. I hope to be one.

How is the man behind the actor?
I’m an old guy, very English: I’m not too fieston and I have a large presence in the media or on social networks. Not that I think that there’s anything wrong with them, I’m just not in Instagram, Twitter … What really matters to me are my friends. I kept many school and college. I also really matter Family (mine is quite extensive). I am a man of family values.

Does Studying philosophy has served for something in your career?
Not really. But I like to think that gives you the ability to see the world and question it. We live in a time when people tend to be very dogmatic with what you believe and say this is right or wrong without too many nuances. The philosophy helps you to think for yourself, beyond the preset. Questioning without aggressiveness is good; It helps everyone can come to different conclusions richer.

Four, his character in Divergent , is named for its four fears. Do you, do you fear?
No I can think of. What are yours? … That someone in the family or friend die prematurely, that would be my biggest fear.

What have you learned from your character?
That should not carry tight black T-shirts in summer! I have learned more from the experience of making the film: long rolling requires a great commitment, promotion … you learn a lot about yourself, to deal with situations that had never before confronted me. Attempt to pull natural and common sense.

Does the world need heroes?
The world will always need people who are willing to sacrifice for others genuine, real way. Acting is something else. We tell stories, not that we save anyone, except perhaps boredom.

Who seeks comment when you want an honest answer?
To my parents or my girlfriend. And to my friends. I always tell the truth.Sometimes they go! It would be nice to seep their views a little.

Music is important in your life. A song or style that define the present moment?
Difficult … Perhaps Miles Davis. A blues.

What is your biggest challenge?
Finding time to see family and friends and have a clear view of what is important and what is not. It’s easy to get lost amidst fun, glamor and all that.Material things, fame … all that is transitory.

It is sensitive to perfume a woman?
Of course. And usually like me; in women’s fragrances there is something addictive.

What you like about The Scent?
That smells good. It is both classic and contemporary and reminds me of some of my travels. It reflects a man who is comfortable with himself.

How was shooting the ad fragrance with Aronofsky?
Interesting! It has a particular way of seeing things and very clear ideas. He used planes very closed to emphasize the intimacy of the moment.

Male God from England Theo James; for Hong Kong Yahoo Life Style

The day could not start without the appreciation of some Theo James news. Featuring today, after a full on cover of APUSH material homework I had to to last night, is Mr. James in the latest news for Hong Kong Yahoo Style. Theo James talks about his childhood memory regarding the fragrance as he is in the common well known ambassador for Hugo Boss in their new fragrance The Scent. Read the translated interview down below and get a new glimpse at the new stills released:

To be able to serve as the new men’s fragrance BOSS series of spokesmen, what you think?
I really feel very honored, and I always appreciate the concept behind BOSS fragrance, the fragrance of classic and modern art is not the same spark clashes. Advertising interpretation of the brand essence of this time, I also reflected on the unique fragrance of the taste and attitude.  

What are your childhood memories about the smell?
I would think, “tea”, I like tea, especially the smell of tea, it makes me feel comfortable, cozy, very British, right?

Will you use the fragrance every day?
Usually I use occasionally, because I feel no need to use it every day. I always feel that fragrances should be left to some important occasions – It needs to make you feel good and confident to use. But I used to be used to consistently with a fragrance, because I think that this fragrance will naturally and become their own personality, smell is a part, people do know who I am.

You get used to the perfume spray where?
I follow the classical traditional methods – a little spray on the wrist, neck, sides and back of the neck.  

How can I keep the most stylish side? What tips can you share with us?
Whenever you work long hours, it is inevitable to a certain point, you’ll look tired, it is necessary to drink water, because if the body, the skin once missing water, your whole look will be more tired, there have been a few times in the movie filmed in some of their predecessors or the staff told me an important share of water. Another “secret” is the salt, heard extraordinary share absorb excessive salt on the body is not a good thing, because it makes the face becomes swollen, though not hundred percent certification whether this is true, but I think this is a rather interesting theory.

Your personal daily care program, what makes it unique?
I really enjoy the process of shaving, so I pay special attention and demand a simple, razor sharp and high quality after-shave care products help my skin care, in addition to beyond that, I basically do not have to carry  care products that can travel. Honestly, I do not care what the ground-breaking law, but when I have a lot of time to walk to work every year around the world, shooting, president inevitably face some barb or beard stubble, a sharp razor will be able to put them thoroughly scrape!

VOTE: People’s Choice Awards; Insurgent & Shailene Woodley Nominated

The People’s Choice Awards 2015 Pannel has revealed the final nominations for the category lists. Amongst them, Insurgent and Shailene Woodley have been nominated for Favorite Action Movie and Favorite Action Movie Actress. Thanks to all your votes they both have been nominated, and now it’s up to you to vote for them to win the award, live on January 7th, 2016.

Click down below to vote for Shailene Woodley and Insurgent:


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The Divergent Series & The Hunger Games Series Theme Parks

The end for The Hunger Games series franchise films is just around the corner, taking its world wide phenomenon premiere in two weeks with MockingJay Part 2. But Lionsgate is not done promoting this huge franchise, in along partners with our favorite dystopian series, The Divergent Series. The HollyWood Reporter made an official (which we got a confirmation from Lionsgate themselves) stating about a future theme park in recreation for the Hunger Games and Divergent. This park will be held in China and in Atlanta, Georgia making its debut opening in 2018 in Macau, China and its opening in 2019 in Atlanta Georgia. This is highly exciting news to both franchise! Read the full article by The Hollywood Reporter down below:

The studio’s popular film properties will be licensed for destination attractions to be built by Chinese and American partners.

Lionsgate plans to license its film properties to new theme parks being built around the Hunger Games and Divergent film franchises near Macau and Atlanta, Georgia, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

In one deal, Lionsgate is backing Chinese developer Lia Fung and parent eSun as they build a 22,000 square-meter entertainment center in Hengqin, China, a town near Macau. The Lai Sun theme park will feature interactive fan experiences and attractions from six Lionsgate movie properties, including the Hunger Games, Divergent and Now You See Me franchises.

The Macau attraction is slated to open in late 2018. And a second agreement with U.S. developer Avatron Smart Park will see Lionsgate film properties like the Hunger Games, Now You See Me and Step Up franchises anchor a roughly 100-acre theme park near Atlanta with attractions and rides.

The attraction in Atlanta, where the Hunger Games franchise has filmed its movies, is set to launch in 2019. The New York Times first reported on Lionsgate expanding its theme park plans with new IP licensing deals for movie-based attractions in Macau and Atlanta.

Lionsgate in recent years has eyed theme park attractions and other location-based entertainment opportunities to generate new revenues from its Hunger Games, Divergent and other movie franchises. The studio made earlier announcements for an exhibit, The Hunger Games: The Exhibition, now touring museums and other institutions in the U.S., a StageAround live theater production to launch in the U.K. next year and the Motiongate theme park to debut in Dubai next year.

Updated Nov. 2, 13:50 p.m. New information provided to indicate Lionsgate is licensing its IP for new theme parks in Macau and Atlanta, and not building the attractions as previously noted.

Here is a preview of what the LIONSGATE park would look like. Courtesy of Lionsgate.

What do you Initiates think of this highly, incredible idea?