Theo James Talks to ‘Esquire’ About Hugo Boss Fragrance 

In a new released interview, Theo James talks to Esquire about his new fragrance, The Scent for his ambassador campaign by Hugo Boss. 

Hugo Boss recently released a new fragrance “Boss: The Scent,” with the intention of bringing romance offline and back into the real world, where it belongs. Fittingly, actor Theo James of Downton Abbey fame is the face of this new fragrance. We recently had some time to sit down with him to discuss “The Scent” and the state of men’s grooming worldwide.

How does “Boss: The Scent” differ from past Boss fragrance releases?

Well, I don’t know if you’ve seen their marketing stuff, but they found this specific fruit in South Africa, which has a very unique smell. It’s kind of rich and also quite subtle. It’s never been used before. It’s a random little piece of fruit from the wilds of south Africa. So they’ve created a whole new smell, which encompasses a kind of departure for them—going for a little bit of edge, a little bit of darkness in the undertones, if that makes sense.

In this age, with instant gratification and online dating, do you see seduction as a lost art?

It is tricky because big things are changing, as you say. Now we kind of share pictures of ourselves during daily activities on a daily basis. That kind of sense of mystery goes a little bit, then.


I think I’m more old school as well. I kind of like the idea of keeping a little bit of myself to myself.

Agreed. How would you say a man’s smell affects the way people perceive him? 

If he stinks then…

That’s not going to be good. But do you think a great cologne can really attract a partner?

Yes, I do think that. [Women] particularly respond to smell, and they also have a good sense of memory in terms of men. I think it’s very important for a man to wear a good fragrance.

What kind of scents do you like? More incense or more citrus? 

I quite like subtle scents. I don’t like overpowering smells.

One spray and walk into it?

Yeah, kind of. [Laughs] Yeah, that kind of thing rather then being overpowered.

Men’s grooming has steadily been rising over the past couple years, and brands like Kiehl’s and Hugo Boss have become irreplaceable in a man’s medicine cabinet. To what do you attribute this?

I think there’s more of a push towards quality. Especially now that there’s a globalization of the market. Now you’re able to purchase whatever you want, so it’s maybe a little bit more [acceptable for] a man to look after himself, too.

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