Naomi Watts as the Cover Face for ‘Presto’

Naomi Watts has been appearing in many familiar company as their new cover face. She is not only the ambassador for Sports Craft, but now she is also the new cover face for Presto, an on demand TV guide much like HBO. In this new advertisement, Naomi demonstrates the hysterical side of her we have never seen. Watch the video down below, with an interview for aussie magazines following:

The Mulholland Drive actress will front a campaign for the Foxtel-aligned service, including a television ad with the tagline ‘demand more’.
In it, Watts portrays a ‘diva’ version of herself, stepping out of a private jet and onto a red carpet, followed by an army of assistants who carry her when she declares she’s too tired to walk.

“I thought the campaign was very funny and that’s what drew me,” Watts said. “It was a good chance for me to poke fun at myself.”

Comedy isn’t a genre Watts is known for. Her role alongside Bill Murray in the 2014 film St Vincent, in which she played a Russian sex worker, was a successful foray into funnier roles.

“For a very long time, I got on that track of playing women who are always on the verge of an emotional breakdown,” Watts said.

“I’m grateful that I’ve been getting a chance to do more of the comedic stuff lately. I don’t think anyone thought I was capable of it — including myself, probably.

“After Mulholland Drive, I think everyone thought that was my niche.

“While I still stand by that as being a good role to play, it’s fun to broaden it a little bit and open it up to some lighter stuff.” 

Watts said she’s a big fan of Rebel Wilson and Isla Fisher, who’ve each had a string of blockbuster comedy roles.

“They’re hilarious and I have great admiration for those girls. They’re extremely talented.”

While playing a diva was fun, Watts said she’s far from one in real life.

She might be one of Australia’s most successful acting exports, but Watts said she still finds the perks of Hollywood a bit foreign.

“I think because I worked so hard for so long and things came to me quite late in life, I’m appreciative of any of the nice, glamorous stuff,” she said.

“For many years, I struggled to pay bills, I went to audition after audition hoping for the best. That doesn’t go away. It’s more familiar to me than rolling out a red carpet.”

Despite the fame and fortune, Watts said she’s “the same person I always was” deep down.

“I don’t take that stuff too seriously — you are who you are and I don’t think that changes.”

Her sons Alexander, seven, and Samuel, six, also keep her grounded.

When she’s not in a leading role, Watts busies herself with regular mum duties like taking the boys to after-school activities and weekend sports.

On rare lazy days at home on the couch, she and her partner Liev Schreiber let the kids choose the family’s viewing.

“They love movies,” Watts said. “And they watch them over and over and over again. It gets to the point where we’re dying for something new to come out.”

Like most youngsters, Alexander, who she affectionately calls Sasha, and Samuel are digital natives who love gadgets. 

But Watts tries to balance their screen time with other activities.

“They definitely hunger for the iPad. They love those interactive games, like Minecraft and Clash of Clans.

“They use the iPad when we travel.”

Travel is a big part of life now for Watts and her family, who split their time between New York and Los Angeles.

There are also odd trips back to Australia to see family or escape the harshness of an east coast US winter.

“It’s so great to be in Australia for summer. I’m hoping to get back for Christmas. It’s a nice break.

“A New York winter is tough. But because we divide our time between there and LA, we kind of miss the worst of the cold, which is nice.”

That busy nature is why Watts likes streaming services, particularly to catch up on her favourite show that she can’t bare to miss.

“Ray Donovan, for sure,” she laughed. That’s the hit US series that Schreiber stars in.

“Everyone leads this busy, big lives these days. People work many more hours than they used to. “To be able to demand content on your schedule wherever you want is great – you don’t have to miss the fun.”

To coincide with the campaign fronted by Watts, Presto will ramp up its marketing efforts following the launch of a number of new programming and service innovations.

Presto’s chief Shaun James said the service offered viewers access to HBO content and exclusive TV shows like Aquarius, Mr Robot and The Walking Dead, as well as some of Australia’s best dramas in the form of Wentworth and Packed to the Rafters.

“Australians really can be more demanding with their Presto on demand service,” James said.

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