60 Seconds with Miles Teller on CineMax

In a new interview of Miles Teller, we get to see the playful side of him rise up once again. He is interviewed by his co-star Jamie Bell who plays “the thing” on their upcoming film Fantastic Four this August 7th.

Watch the interview with sponsored by CineMax down below:

In the following interview, Miles Teller interviews his co-star Jamie Bell also known as “the thing” in Fantastic Four:

New Insurgent Promotional Stills

Insurgent UK released five (5) new promotional stills from Insurgent, throughout the past couple of days. Featuring in these new stills is the badass looks of Tris and Four, Caleb Prior, and Jeanine Matthews. 

The effects added to the images are great, specially in Jeanine’s still due to her looking very Candor in black and white. 


Caleb Prior

Jeanine Matthews  

Tris Prior  

Tobias Eaton  

Which of the new five (5) stills do you prefer the most?  **cough cough FOUR


Behind The Scenes of Naomi Watts for ‘Sports Craft’

Naomi Watts has been announced as the face for Sports Craft. She will be stricking the new spring campaign next year in 2016, photographed by her brother Ben Watts.

Shooting this campaign brought up treasured memories and feelings of nostalgia…I’ll never forget growing up in Australia by the beach

Watts, 47, said.

Look at her beautiful campaign photos in the gallery down below:

Let’s all welcome Naomi Watts on her brand new Instagram page by following her here: Naomi Watts

Source: Daily Mail UK