EXCLUSIVE: Miles Teller Has an Idea for an ‘Insurgent’ Spinoff from Entertainment Tonight

Relased by Entertainment Tonight Online with an EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes video of Miles Teller talking about his character Peter, and how he hopes that there is a spin of to just focus on his character, Peter Hays.

“I hope [Peter] gets his own spin-off. It would be called Rock ‘n Roll Pete,” Teller reveals in this exclusive clip from a behind-the-scenes extra off the forthcoming Insurgent DVD.

Watch the EXCLUSIVE video down below:

VIDEO: “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” – The Creation of the Box Behind the Scenes

The Divergent Series Official Book page on Tumblr, posted an exclusive video of Veronica Roth explaining the creation of “the box” in a behind the creations video. Veronica explains how “the box” is a full compact box that represents all the sims that Tris went through during the Erudite captivation she was held in, in Insurgent the book.

Watch the video down below: