‘Insurgent’ Blu-ray Exclusive Clip: Watch How The Movie Transformed Real Chicago Locations Into A Dystopian Wasteland from TechTimes

Tech Times  has released a new featured video of how the locations of Chicago that were portrayed in the first film, Divergent transformed and evolved to the world in Insurgent, while using real Chicago locations.

“We really meticulously went through the map of Chicago and thought about certain areas that would lend themselves to the current-day architecture, mixing that with the headquarters we designed for each one and then having that area taper off into ruins and then build back up into the next area,” says Insurgent’s second unit director and VFX supervisor James Madigan in the clip.

‘Divergent: Insurgent’ Blu-ray Preview Starring Theo James | EXCLUSIVE from MovieWeb

MovieWeb has just released a new behind the scenes video of The Divergent Series: Insurgent. Stars Kate Winslet (Jeanine), Miles Teller (Peter), Zoë Kravitz (Christina), Theo James (Four) and producer Lucy Fisher discuss how the relationship between Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four has evolved in this preview from The Divergent Series: Insurgent, debuting on Digital HD July 21 before its release on Blu-ray and DVD August 4. Both Theo James and Miles Teller discuss how much more at ease the cast was with each other in the sequel, since there is a level of familiarity, while Kate Winslet discusses how much Shailene Woodley has grown as a person since the last film, and how it shows on screen. This exclusive video also offers plenty of behind-the-scenes footage from this beloved sequel.

Watch the video down below:

VIDEO: 2nd “Fantastic Four” Trailer Featuring Miles Teller

This year, the Fantastic Four cast made an appearance at the 2015 Comic Con in San Diego, California. In this apperance, the director and cast members released an exclusive official trailer for the movie franchise. In this trailer, we see a little more in depth the story behind Reed Richards (played by Miles Teller) and his best friend Ben (played by Jamie Bell) and how the creation of his imagination to time travel began.

Watch the trailer down below, with screencaps of Miles Teller from the clip:

An international trailer has also been released by 20th Century FOX UK. Watch it here: