Ansel Elgort Talks About Shailene Woodley and Her Heroine Roll in Insurgent

In a new interview of Ansel Elgort for Lionsgate Unlocked, the actor talks about her co-star Shailene Woodley and her roll as a heroine in Insurgent. He admires the idea of how Shailene is the leading roll character in an action film, compared to a male character having the leading roll, demonstrating his side of feminism.

Watch the interview below, and admire the brilliant words Ansel has to say about Shailene:

“The Divergent Series: Insurgent” Blu-Ray DVD + SPECIAL Video from VidCon Sizzle

“The Divergent Series: Insurgent” has got everything that an action pack movie needs to be enjoyed! It has action pack moves, drama, villains upon villains, hot and trendy actors **cough cough Theo James, and the CGI plus Greenscreen perfection put to the best. 

I have had the lucky chance from the many fansites to review the special features that will be included in “The Divergent Series: Insurgent 3D Blu-Ray DVD Combo Pack and Blu-Ray DVD. The special features include nine (9) extra videos of the Producers, cast members, and crew workers from Insurgent discussing the making of the film while jotting it all down in order to the film itself. In the special features, they mainly focused a lot on the factions and their leaders and how the factions work. They also covered an abundace about the simulation scenes that took place in Erudite. All of the VFX (special effects) and Greenscreens where at a great play for Insurgent. 

From using empty parking lot spaces as the factionless home and center, to having a circus trapeze as a stunt double for Shailene Woodley, the special features are the ones to watch. 

One of the two main highlights from the special features is the final statement from one of the producers of Insurgent, Pouya Shahbazian as he states:

In the next films, we are also going to divulge all of the sequence behind this city and how the world of Divergent came to be. Why is Chicago in such a decrypted state? What happened outside the walls? What kind of war was there? And how did the leaders of this society build the faction system, why did they build the faction system? We are gonna ask those questions in a very provocative light, and Tris and Four are gonna lead other people to safety and to their own stable place in the society, but Evelyn is at that top of the power structure and she will betrander as much power as she can.  

about Allegiant Part 1. Is this a sneak preview of what we can expect? As readers of the trilogy, we know why to expect from the book side of the story. But due to the change Insurgent was from the book, we can’t be so accurate what will be in stock for us on March 18th of 2016 when Allegiant Part 1 comes out. 

The second most outstanding highlight from the special features, was the image point of view the screenplay drawers had in mind about the train fight scene. In one of the special features; Train Fighting Scene, the talented drawing crew made a manip of what the train scene with the characters would be pictured when filming. As we all know, one of the characters who did not make it into Insurgent but had a little snippet of celebrity flash in Divergent was Edward. Edward was replaced by the character Edgar in Insurgent, who is played by Jonny Weston. The instant the special features demonstrated the manip the drawing crew had originally had planned as putting, it made me question what they where thinking and if they read the book Insurgent.  

Image from Lionsgate and Summit Entertaintment
 The eye patch pretty much gave it away, instantly. What do you Initiates think? Maybe they had original plans on casting an Edward but changed it the last minute? 

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With a special video, posted by Lionsgate Unlocked, we get a glance of the special features and what you will be missing out on if you don’t purchase your own copy! This video was aired last week at VidCon Sizzlez Pre-order now Initiates!

“The Divergent Series: Insurgent” – From The Book To The Movie

Lionsgate Unlocked just released a new video, from the behind the scenes and special feature videos that wil be included in the Insurgent DVD, which will be available on August 4th.

In this video, the producers and some cast members, including Veronida Roth talk about the adaptation of the film from the book. Having the help of Veronica Roth on the set, was a major change. Producer Pouya Shahbazian, describes 

the Insurgent book is a very difficult one to adapt into a film.

Watch the two minute special featured video down below:

Ansel Elgort Explains Caleb’s Motives in EXCLUSIVE Video from Shock YA

Shock YA released about two weeks ago, an exclusive video of Ansel Elgort talking about his character Caleb Prior in Insurgent. In this behind the scenes video, which will also be available on the Insurgent DVD out on August 4th, Ansel talks about the emotional betrayal Caleb has portrayed towards Tris. He also gives discussed the emotional advanced and connections the siblings will have in Allegiant Part 1 due to his knowledge from reading Allegiant the book.

Watch the interview down below:

SCANS: Theo James for “Flaunt” Magazine March 2015 Issue

The March 2015 Issue for Flaunt Magazine featuring Theo James, was one of our highlights this year. Getting a little glimpse of Theo James and the person he is, was absolutely wonderful! You can read the article down below with the most recent scans I was able to obtain, plus the untagged photos released by Flaunt back in February:

Watch the Behind the Scens video of the Interview down below as well: