Miles Teller & Shailene Woodley as A-Listers by ET Canada

Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley are considered as A- Listers by Entertainment Tonight Canada in a new interview focusing on Woodley’s performances from “The Fault In Our Stars” co-starting with Ansel Elgort and “The Descendants” co-starring with George Clooney. These performances have gained the respect and part Shailene deserves, as now she will star in the talked about Oliver Stone adaptation of Edward Snowden’s life, “Snowden” co- starting with Joseph Levitt-Gordon. This interview also focuses on Miles Teller as an A-lister due to his performance from the Academy Award nominated film, “Whiplash” co-starring with J.K. Simmons. His role in this movie has gained him the advantage of become one of Hollywood’s most talked about actor to be “appreciated with an Oscar.” His role as Mr. Fantastic in the summer blockbuster movie “Fantastic Four” will obviously raise him more of the fandom he already has today, as he will also be entering the sequel to “Fantasyic Four” in 2017. Watch the review session by “ET Canada” down below:

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