Tribeca Kids Access interview Theo James at Franny Premiere

A group of kids who attend a school nearby Tribeca, had the very lucky opportunity to interview the cast members of “Franny” at the “Franny” Premiere on April 17th, which of course included Theo James himself. Theo, as always being a goofball he is, joked about how he is a doctor in real life compared to his character Luke, from “Franny”… Of course we don’t have a problem with that.

Question: So how are your characters in Divergent and Insurgent different than your characters in Franny, and which one did you most relate to?

“Well, I think this guy has a similar age to me, he is a doctor and I’m a doctor… Nah not really.”

Watch the video interview down below, thank you the information from FYeahTheoJames.

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