Bad Judgment by Meghan March Book Review


Meghan March has done it again! Not only has she achieved for me to have some deep, intense dreams about library sex, but when I eat pancakes from now on, I will not be able to stop blushing…

BLURB: He’s so arrogant || She’s so self-righteous || I can’t stand him || I want her || He’s a distraction I don’t need || She’ll say yes eventually because I’m not giving up. Justine Porter is stuck between a rock and a stripper pole. She lost her law school scholarship, which means she has two choices to keep her life on track: strip for her tuition or tutor the most distractingly sexy guy in her class—the one she’s been turning down for two years straight. It should be an easy choice, but tutoring Ryker Grant could derail her plans to graduate with honors faster than two-for-one night at the Déjà Vu…

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Fearless In Love {The Maverick Billionaires #3} by Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully – Book Review

Another book blog…


MY HEART! MY HEART, MY HEART, MY HEART! Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully have broken my heart with this sweet and elegant love story. Fearless In Love, the third installment to The Maverick Billionaires series released on June, but I just recently had the chance to read it and catch up with other books I have been keeping behind, and woah! What a way to catch up, because this book is absolutely perfection!

BLURB: After growing up dirt poor in a seedy Chicago neighborhood, Matt Tremont seemingly has it all now—brains, brawn, and billions. And most importantly, Noah, his five-year-old son, the one good outcome of a disastrous relationship that destroyed his last ounce of trust. The only thing he’s lacking is the perfect nanny for his son. And Ariana Jones is absolute perfection. Utterly enchanting. Completely fascinating. And totally off-limits. Like a match made in heaven, this is…

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Out of Bounds by R. S. Grey Book Review- The Summer Games Series

Great review!!!


R. S. Grey has once again not disappointed her crowd with her new addition toThe Summer Games series. With her new installment,Out of Bounds, she refreshes the memories of her audience about the logistics of unforbidden love, with a kick of taking part of the environment from the Olympics. Pretty descent timing of dropping this sequel to the series since the actual Olympics in Rio will begin this upcoming Friday, August fifth!

Now starting off, this book in general was a great read. Full honesty… I felt like it took a while for that PLOT TWIST or that CLIMAX to appear in the story. But, it sure is a great plot twist. One that was intense for sure. The anticipation of both characters, Erik and Brie was steamy in some segments throughout the story. I do give Mrs. Grey a great deal of congratulated red velvet cake…

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“War Dogs” Official Trailer, Featuring Miles Teller

I have been patiently waiting for this film for a while now, and it’s finally here! I mean… **clears throat** the trailer, yeah… THE TRAILER IS HERE!

Miles Teller stars nect to Jonah Hill in their new upcoming 2016 summer film War Dogs directed by the Hangover Trilogy, Todd Phillips. The movie stars Bradley Cooper and Ana de Armas. Watch the trailer down below, and don’t forget to stay tuned for more news on the filmcoming soon:

Warner Bros. is releasing the film on Aug. 19th, 2016.